Saturday, July 8, 2017

Been There.

I've been there. Where you are right now, I've been there. Depressed, anxious, sleepless, even a little manic. Maybe you are afraid you need meds.  Maybe your Dr. has already prescribed them and now side effects are bothering you. Maybe your relationship is stressed and you are afraid you won't make it.  Maybe you are having trouble performing at work, you're worried about your job and what people think, and what your spouse thinks. I've been there.

I've been there, sitting on the phone talking to a stranger because my spouse said I had to get help.  Walking into my office, certain everyone could see through me, could see how near collapse I was. Crying at the drop of a hat.  Panicking for no reason at the thought of taking a short trip, or just going to the grocery store.  Unable to enjoy the slightest thing. Making myself go to a therapist every week.  Wondering how long it was going to be before I got relief, wondering if I would ever get relief, wondering if our conversation was doing any good at all.  Feeling like I was falling apart and everything was going to come crashing down around me.

I've worked in the hi-tech corporate world for 30 years. I've been married for 27, and a father for 20. I know what its like out there. I don't live in an ivory tower, nor do I live in a world in which everyone talks like therapists and is perfectly emotionally healthy and content (I don't really know any therapists who do). I'll speak to you in plain language about the problems you are trying to solve in life.  I'll listen to you and pay attention to your values and needs. I won't read your mind or tell you how you have to change yourself.  I'll help you find how you need to change in a way that makes sense to you.  And though I will never know exactly what your life is like - that is the one thing you know that no one else does - I won't forget how hard it is for you.

'Cause I've been there.