Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wow is it August already?

Judging by the way my house begins to bake at about 2pm I think there can be no doubt that the heat has arrived.

I wanted to drop a note here to say that I haven't completely forgotten about this.  The downside of a blog vs a website is that you really do have to keep touching it or it starts looking stale - while a website, I could put it up and not touch it for 3 years.  Its all just where you want to put your effort.  I vote neither!

I'm settling in to my practice.  I've been doing this for about a year now.  I think I can now say that rather than an aspiring therapist - I'm a therapist. Whether I'm good or bad, great or mediocre, perhaps that is yet to be seen.  :)

I have a wonderful slate of clients all working on real difficulties in their lives. Everything from relationships to business to anxiety to family conflicts, etc. I enjoy my clients so much and I'm looking for a few more - so if you know someone interested in some evening weekday therapy, keep me in mind.  I do well with men, anxiety, depression, polyamory, existential issues, and life-meaning.  That's not *all* I do - but it seems to be a pattern I'm developing.

Have a great last few weeks of summer - and I wish I could fool myself into believing its going to get cooler as soon as school starts.